hey! this is ghalizha.

doc day afternoon is a wordplay on sidney lumet’s dog day afternoon (1975). if you understand the reference and find that funny we’re most definitely gonna be good friends.

doc day afternoon is also an online journal devoted to exploring the relationship between technology and the business of self actualization. we’re a gathering place for creatives and entrepreneurs who seek out a more thoughtful approach to self-growth and building a business, and we trust Notion* to be our means of facilitation in this journey.

i am doing two things right now:

  • helping grow The Business of Community where we run an online school to help business founders and leaders build a place for other people to connect and grow together that centers community. i try to bring the human aspect of user experiences to the forefront of our business operations.

  • building functional & delightful digital systems and operations with Notion to help thoughtful creatives and business owners move forward and do their best work. learn more about my Notion consulting services here.

ursula k. le guin in her book words are my matter: in the marketplace, the word creativity has come to mean the generation of ideas applicable to practical strategies to make larger profits. this reduction has gone on so long that the word creative can hardly be degraded further. my hope is that doc day afternoon will always be the antithesis to that.

thanks for reading me and i hope you find something that resonates with you while you’re here! you can also find me on twitter.

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exploring the relationship between media & technology and the business of self-actualization.


prolific comedienne writing unintellectual property. thinking in movies. @NotionHQ consultant + strategist outside this rabbit hole.